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Things to Consider Before (or During) Placing an Order

Posted by Kirsten on 21st Dec 2016

We understand that a first glance at our website can seem quite overwhelming. We have such a wide selection of fragrances and products, it can be hard to know where to start! In this post I will be outlining some questions to ask yourself and lots of helpful information.

Are you shopping for yourself or for your business?

For yourself: You can take advantage of wholesale pricing any time with no minimum order on our website. We offer plain labeling on many items so you’re not paying for fancy packaging (look for “Basic Label”). If you are new to our website, consider trying our new customer sample offer to test out our versions of the fragrances in Body Oils and make sure you like them. Once you know the fragrances you like, save money by purchasing the perfume oils in bulk sizes. Always keep in mind; it is very easy to start up a home business with these fragrances for extra income. Keep reading to learn more!

For your Business: We offer flexible purchasing with no minimum order online so you can order a lot or a little, depending on what fits your budget best! There are private labeling options on most of the prefilled Body OilsPerfume SpraysScented Lotions etc and we also sell labels by the sheet. We carry all of the supplies needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Are you new to the business or switching companies?

Either way you answer this question, one of the first pieces of advice is always to test some of our sample sizes in Body OilsBurning Oils or Body Butters. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect.

If you are new, congratulations for taking the first steps of making money selling Body Oils. Don’t be shy, send us an email. There are no “stupid” questions or no such thing as too many questions. Asking questions is how we grow and learn. A good place for you to start is with some of the newer fragrances on the market and definitely prefilled Body Oils at first (until you get to know your clients). 

If you’re switching companies, thank you for considering us! Try samples of your main fragrances and if possible, compare them to the original fragrance and not to the previous company’s version of it. This is a great way to improve your current business by having more accurate reproductions of the designer type perfumes. Take some time to browse all the different options we have on our website and see what can help improve your business. Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Do you want prefilled items or bulk?

-What is the difference?

Ordering products in Prefilled means that they are complete, bottled and labeled - Ready to Sell once you get them. This saves a lot of time and energy having to fill bottles and label them. It saves space for inventory since you do not need to carry a stock of empty bottles or bulk fragrances. Prefilled products also allow you to have a larger fragrance selection on a smaller budget. This is a great option for when you are new to the business and are not sure which fragrances will be popular for you.

Bulk Products come in plain labeled, plastic bottles/tubs and usually need to be transferred into smaller bottles or jars to be sold. Ordering Bulk saves money and gives room for more profit in your pocket. Bulk also give you more freedom with how you would like to present your products to your customers since you can choose any container you would like. Once you’re established in the business, you’ll start seeing which fragrances are popular for you. Bulk ordering allows you to make sure that you have plenty of that particular fragrance on hand so you don’t miss any sales. Plus, since they come in plastic bottles, they are lighter and require less padding for shipping.

Since our website is so flexible, you can combine prefilled and bulk items on any order. This way you can order exactly what works best for your budget and/or your business at any time!

How do you (or your customers) like to apply Perfumes or Body Oils?

There are many ways we can choose to apply a fragrance to our bodies. We can roll it ondab it onspray it on or layer it. Within’ those application methods, there are also different products with a different feel once applied to the skin.

Roll-on: This is one of the most popular, well known methods of applying Body Oils. The bottle is usually glass and the opening of the bottle is filled with a rollerball housing and a ball. The Oil comes out around the ball when it is rolled onto your skin. This is a nice way to apply perfume oil directly to pressure points like wrists and behind the ears to maximize the fragrance projection and longevity. The 1/3oz Rollon has been the industry standard for years and now the 1oz Rollon is becoming just as popular as being an "economy" size.

Dab-on: A common way is having the Perfume Oil in a glass bottle with a screw top (for example a 1/2oz or 1oz Boston Round). The cap or the bottle opening is usually used to dab the fragrance on pressure points. A more unique way is to have the fragrance in a solid perfume formula. Most of these recipes contain beeswax and the oil is in a solid form due to this. They often come in small pots that you dip your finger into and then dab the fragrance onto pressure points. We have an option for the solid perfume in a roll-up stick that looks much like a lip balm stick. This allows you to dab it directly onto pressure points without having to use your finger.

Spray -on: This is a newer and increasingly popular option for Body Oils since it is difficult to get oil to mist from a spray bottle without the spray looking cloudy or separating. The most common way is to use a perfumer’s blend alcohol as this tends to be the best solvent. Alcohol helps the fragrance smell more like the original since the original fragrance contains a lot of alcohol. Alcohol also intensifies the fragrance at the beginning of the application (but then unfortunately dries it up faster than something non-alcohol based). Our Super Cologne Spray is the best version of an alcohol based Body Oil Spray. The fragrance is highly concentrated, being at least 3 times more concentrated than an EDP in stores.

There are also non-alcohol spray bases which allow for an even more unique product, a Body Oil that sprays but does not contain alcohol. Non-alcohol based fragrances will last longer on the skin vs. Alcohol based fragrances. Our Fragrance Oil Spray is the same strength as the Super Cologne Spray, just without the alcohol. We also carry Body Sprays which are about half the strength (great for summer months or very strong fragrances).

Layering: This is when a lightly scented product like a lotion or powder is applied and then a fragrance Body Oil or Spray is applied on top of it. The best way to do it so you can maximize the fragrance is to use matching (or complementing) scented products together. We offer scented lotionspowders and after shave balms which are available in over 900 scents. The Solid Perfumes also can double as a layering product since they are not as concentrated as a Body Oil. Many of us actually layer products in our regular grooming routines without knowing it. Having scent matching products readily available to your customers helps to ensure that they use your products for this routine in the future.

Offering more than one application method is a nice way to target different markets. Those who have never heard of a Body Oil, Perfume Oil etc. might have no idea what to do with a Roll-on bottle, but if they see sprays they will buy. For some, sprays might be the only way they have ever seen to apply a fragrance. Others might only recognize a rollon as a Body Oil as they have not seen a Body Oil spray before. Try them out for yourself so you can really get to know the products and offer the best advice to your customers.

Now that you have all of this information, remember that the options for selling and making money are endless. You don’t need a store to start a business. You don’t need a website. Just a love for fragrances and a willingness to help others. If you have kids in dance, cheer, karate or sports, you can use their class time as an opportunity to network, make friends and create fundraisers. Your local Nail/Hair Salon, Massage Parlor, Barber Shop, Smoke Shop or Car Detailing Shop would do well with a Start Up Package containing Sprays, Body Oils, Massage Oils, Colognes and Air Freshener Sprays. Bring more income home to your family and have fun while doing it.

If you have any questions, please email