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Premium Body Oil 1oz (From $2.89 each)

The 1oz size has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. It is three times the size of a 1/3oz so it will last a lot longer. This page contains several 1oz options in glass bottles with both the screw top and rollon application.

There are two Screw Top options, the 1oz Boston Round with a Basic Label is great if you have your own label or do not need a fancy label. The 1oz Boston Round with a Standard Label comes with a larger label that can be personalized and you can choose an array of label colors.

We carry several options for the 1oz Rollon. The Basic Label comes with a small white label indicating the fragrance name (great for relabeling). The Standard Label comes in your choice of color label and can be personalized with any 30 or more Standard Label bottles. The Premium Label is a large label that covers most of the bottle and there are 5 different color cap choices. The Premium Label can be customized with orders of any 20 or more Premium Label bottles. The newest option is the Swirled Glass 1oz Rollon which gives the product a nice, elegant look.

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