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Blossom Electric Aroma Lamp (Wall)

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Beautiful Electric Aroma Warmer with a blue blossom glass base. This will leave a beautiful prism-like reflection against your wall when the lamp is on. Once plugged in, use the dimmer switch to dial up the light. This lamp plugs directly into a wall socket and does not have a cord.

Can be used with Burning Oil and also wax cubes. Approximately 5 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide.

Caution: Will be HOT. Do not move or touch until cooled. Not intended for children - please keep away from reach. This product is intended only for aroma use for your home and is not intended for prolonged use. Do not leave lamp unattended. Please turn off prior to sleeping or leaving your home. Perfume Oil Direct is not responsible for any accidents or damage.