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Why You Should Be Using Body Oils & Essential Oils

Posted by Nina Wells on 21st Dec 2016

Why You Should Be Using Body Oils & Essential Oils

Central heating, air conditioning, weather changes can take their toll on our skin’s ability to maintain moisture levels. Using body lotions to help keep our skin hydrated is important but we often find ourselves reapplying these products throughout the day because whatever we applied during our morning bathroom routine does not always last. The same with your fragrance, how many times have you applied your spray perfume in the morning and it has disappeared by the middle of the day?

So, what is the answer?

Have you considered using Body Oils? The perception is that oil products are messy to use and greasy but applied as part of the bathroom routine on damp skin after a shower or a bath, they can be easily absorbed.

Body Oils, really?

It can really depend on your skin’s chemistry, your PH levels as to how long a fragrance lasts on your skin. Oil based products are absorbed into the skin quickly, particularly on damp skin and they can have additional skin treatment benefits.

Do they smell different?

There is a higher concentration level of fragrance extracts present in Body Oils. The oil fragrance, develops slowly through the notes and settles on the skin with a more balanced fragrance, this is more so noted with heavier and woodier fragrances. Perfume sprays in stores are diluted with water and alcohol and although they have a burst of fresh fragrance on application, the alcohol evaporates the fragrance quickly revealing different layers of fragrance and you are left with the base notes. These notes are more subtle as the fragrance evaporates. Therefore, Body Oils can be considered more long lasting as they can be easily applied on pressure points and potentially more value for money as they promote more controlled use.


Often Body Oils come as a roll-on fragrance and are therefore portable and can be carried in your workbag/handbag as they are small in size an easy to apply on the go. Oils can be more affordable as they are smaller and not associated with a designer. They are a more inexpensive way of purchasing your favorite fragrance or even sampling a fragrance, especially those brands at the higher end of the market. Oils are also great for layering fragrance and can make your perfume spray last longer as you can use less.

What about Essential Oils?

Moisturisers and lotions are good for keeping the skin supple and for anti-aging benefits, body lotion penetrates the skin and can contain effective ingredients such as Vitamin E however, they are not always easily and quickly absorbed making them inconvenient. Some Lotions contain more synthetic chemicals, petroleum products and emulsifiers, some of these come with health concerns. Therefore, it is important to review the ingredients before applying these to your skin. Essential Oil products can be purchased with 100% pure ingredients or with minimal amounts of fillers and non-natural ingredients and therefore can be better for your skin.

How do they work?

Oils are more than just a pleasant fragrance. Oils are effective at protecting the skin’s barrier and retaining moisture in the skin. The hydrolipidic film is a layer that covers the surface of the skin, made up of sebum, water and perspiration which helps protect the skin from bacteria, a protective barrier. Contrary to belief, oils are readily absorbed into the skin and are therefore good for all skin types as they do not clog pores (noncomedogenic) and helps maintain the moisturization levels of the skin and reinforce this protective layer.

Which Oils are best?

Cold pressed Essential Oils are the best quality and therefore the most effective, there are a variety of oils and variety of uses, the reality is that a good quality oil can smell just as good and can moisturise and treat skin just as well as an expensive perfume or a name brand body lotion.

African musk is a very intoxicating fragrance that does wonders when used in body oils. Black orchid and black opium oils are also somewhat exotic fragrances that appeal to numerous audiences. Due to their fresh and floral nature, their aroma is really sought after.

It is also important to note that dry body oils are easily absorbed. Aruba coconut and watermelon oil can be nourishing. Ylang Ylang can be balancing and particularly effective for use by people who have skin conditions as it does not block pores. Therefore, anybody oil products that contain any of these can have benefits in addition to being effective moisturisers.

Fragrance is a very personal choice. It’s normal to want to be unique. Body Oils can provide you that satisfaction by providing a designer type fragrance at a fraction of the cost. If your current body lotion is not keeping your skin from feeling dry, parched and irritated try a Body Oil. If you can find a perfume oil to match you can maximize the longevity of your fragrance.

This article was written by Nina Wells from Insignia Shower Store. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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