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Scents for the Seasons

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Weathering the weather

Yes, the weather definitely has a big impact on the sights and sounds around us. But did you know that weather also plays a great part in how we smell and the scents around us? Given that we change so many personality traits during various seasonal moves – like our clothes, diets, leisure habits – we should consider changing our choice of body oil perfume we buy from wholesale vendors too!

Here are some recommendations for great body oil selections from WholeSaleBodyOils that you can implement during seasonal changes. 

Smell like the weather

We are all so busy with our daily routines, that we sometimes don’t give enough attention to the scent we project. And changing weather trends don’t help us either. In the summer, we sweat and perspire, adding to body odor; while in winters we bundle ourselves tightly, hardly allowing fresh air to circulate within our clothes and bodies.
The fact of the matter is that how we smell plays a big part in how other people interact with us – favorably or unfavorably. Using the right body oil perfume from wholesale suppliers can change all that to our benefit.
So, if you want to smell like the weather, you can use these handy tips by changing the body oils and perfume fragrances you use when the weather changes.

The Power Of Moderation

When it comes to perfumes and fragrances, the key is to exercise moderation is your choice and use. Going easy on use does not have to restrict your choice of when, or how often you use body oils however. There’s no restriction on when you should smell great and feel good!

The Right Fragrance Wins The Day

Choosing body oil perfume from wholesale sources of repute means you have a wide array of selection available for you. Of course, your choices must also take into consideration the occasion for which you wish to “smell” good. The Coach Poppy Flower fragrance may be a great late evening or night choice, while the Animale Animale may be a better fit for more intimate events

Choose For Your Sex 

It’s very important to use a perfume or scent that matches your sex. Body by Victoria’s Secret or Black Woman Unique are great choices for women; while African Musk or Chrome Sport are more apt for men.

Be Patient 

Body oils are like a slowly cooked delicious meal – they smell better with time! Don’t expect that as soon as you use them, they will give out the desired fragrance. Time, exposure to the elements and heat (from the environment and our bodies), causes changes to the aroma that these oils give out. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded!

The best tip, about the effective use of fragrance oils and perfumes that anyone can give you, is to buy your body oil perfume through wholesale suppliers that you trust. With literally dozens of fragrances, and scores of sizes and shapes to choose from, WholeSaleBodyOils is a great one-stop destination to get you starting to smell like the weather.


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