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Gifting Body Oil Gift Sets

Posted by Nina Wells on 25th Apr 2018

Gifting Body Oil Gift Sets

These days, with all the hustle and bustle the world throws at us, people are becoming more and more engrossed with self-care. If you know someone who is in dire need of such or want to move away from traditional housewarming gifts, check out some of the reasons why we recommend gifting body oil gift sets the next chance you get.


Giving a body oil gift set allows the user to benefit from it in numerous ways. As it is a set, members of the family are able to divide it among themselves or share different bottles. Each member may use it in a different way so it is a win-win for everyone. There might be some who will use it for daily use while some will opt to use it for massages only. Besides that, there might also be others who’ll use it for relaxation purposes on an as-needed basis.

Long lasting

While being more fragrant than perfume sprays being sold by retailers and pushed by designers, body oils actually last longer as their makeup allows them to retain a bulk of the fragrance levels. Also, oil based products are typically absorbed easier by the skin which allows the body to retain them for a longer period of time.


When compared to body lotions, oils are still the victor when it comes to moisturizing the skin. While they both are adept at hydrating stubborn and dry skin, oils are much cheaper and efficient. This is due to the fact that they use lesser synthetic chemicals and no fillers to pull off the task. The main benefit of using body oils is actually the nourishment and regeneration of the skin. Soft and supple skin is merely a result of it. Top of the line body oils are also known to protect the skin barrier, further protecting against environmental damage and premature aging.

Natural Scents

Now we have Body Oils which match the same scent of designer type perfumes in stores. They do have a stronger fragrance (that lasts longer) but it is in no way overbearing to an extent that people on the elevator or the train are nauseated. It can make for a nice social experience for making new friends.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a multitude of options when it comes to body oils. First, there are basic bottles and there are roll-on bottles. Also, there are numerous fragrances to choose from. Be sure you pick one based on convenience and also interest of the recipient.

Not many people know how to use body oils. If there are no instructions in the packaging, you can also share with the recipient that the best way to use it is twice a day, morning and night or every after showering. This maximizes the benefits reaped from body oil application.

Body oil gift sets make viable gifts because they are cheaper than individual packaging. If you are planning on gifting for an entire office floor or something similar, you can also opt for wholesale body oils.