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Fragrance Oil Spray 2oz (Round-Refillable) - As Low As $4.15!

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PERSONALIZED LABELING AT NO EXTRA CHARGE on orders of 20 bottles or more. Use custom section to type your name or business name, phone number or website for your labels. This item comes with our full size premium label in white gloss as standard. [(M)= Men's Fragrance oil sprays, (L)= Ladies Fragrance oil sprays & (U)= Fragrance Oil sprays for both]


* $6.15 each when you order 1 - 3 bottles.

* $5.69 each when you order 4 - 6 bottles.

* $5.15 each when you order 7 - 11 bottles.

* $4.25 each when you order 12 - 99 bottles.

* $4.15 each when you order 100 or more bottles. *** Best Value***


  • 5
    Great Alternative

    Posted by James Anthony Thompson on 27th Aug 2018

    When I first started to sell oils, it was a given that most customers wanted the roll on versions. I experimented with taking the roller off, and pouring the oil onto my body after a shower, But this method also allowed either a lot or less with each try. By having the Spay version, I have shown my customers how to layer the oil and use less of their regular fragrances.

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    Very Relevant Company and Products

    Posted by Tre' on 3rd Jul 2018

    I've been a customer for several years now and rarely a complaint on the strength of the fragrance, just be sure of what you want...and know the difference between ordering (Fragrance Oil Spray or Super Cologne Spray and Straight Body Oil) Strength...there's a difference and they all suit different purposes.... And they're all Fantastic.
    I would also agree that customer service or who ever answers the phone could be more courteous and not seem like they're in a hurry or that we are interrupting their day by calling and asking specific questions, especially if it's concerning creating more customer orders, but I digress...
    The Product...GREAT!
    Customer Service...Please Improve...

    You asked...Thx for the opportunity :)

    WBO Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to leave this review! We appreciate your continued business and are very glad to hear that the products are a hit with your customers. Apologies if phone calls seem rushed, the ladies who answer the phone are extremely busy since they also process all of the orders. We do not have a large office staff in efforts to keep our wholesale prices low. We do offer many other avenues of contacting us aside from phone calls such as Email, Live Chat and Account Messages to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Those who answer messages do not usually process orders.

  • 5
    Many Thanks to Your Products

    Posted by Robert on 19th Jan 2018

    Great Fragrances and Presentation...

  • 4
    Almost perfect customer service needs to be better

    Posted by Matthew on 17th Apr 2017

    4 out of 6 fragrances were spot on basically perfect I get nothing but compliments however two were not unforgivable by Sean John was like a barrel of wood and Gucci guilty smells like alcohol. I told the customer service rep and she told me that's not possible and i need to send it back within 3 days that's not good customer service, she stopped short of saying that it was impossible but I know what I can smell. It regardless i would buy over again but not those two fragrances and i won't send back to pay more in shipping to he called a liar essentially again.

    WBO Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. Unforgivable by Sean John does contain several earthy and woodsy fragrance notes which can easily give off a woodsy scent. The best way to evaluate a fragrance is by wearing it on the skin. It is very hard to get the true essence of a fragrance when smelling it from the bottle. The Fragrance Oil Sprays do not contain alcohol which is all that was being explained. I apologize if that came off a certain way, however we would never call our customers liars. We merely explain what we know about our fragrances. We also always recommend that you try a sample of a fragrance to make sure that you like our version of it. These fragrances are all versions of the originals and we only have one version of any given fragrance. It is also good to note that Wholesale service is always slightly different from Retail service. However, we are glad that a little misunderstanding does not put you off of these great products.

  • 5
    Excellent product!!!

    Posted by J.P. Moneybags on 1st Jun 2016

    Smells just as good, or better, and last just as long, or longer, as the high price fragrances without the fancy bottles, boxes and prices!!!

  • 3
    Diminished Strength

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2016

    I was disappointed in some of the fragrant oils potency.

    WBO Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. Nothing has changed with our formulas or the strength. They are always made to the highest strength that can be worn. Knowing which fragrances you have ordered would be very helpful in giving you the correct advice. There are many fragrances that are more subtle by nature and this is just the way they are. If you prefer strong/loud fragrances, it is best to just order those. However if you are reselling, keep in mind that not everyone likes loud fragrances. Also, the longevity of a fragrance and the way it smells greatly depends on how that fragrance works with the body chemistry of the wearer. Please email if you have any questions.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert on 1st Jul 2015

    Your products are much appreciated and rarely any problems with leaking while shipping.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2015

    Excellent All The Time.

  • 5

    Posted by Margetta on 30th Apr 2015

    I have purchased these oils for years and they are always on point!!!

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