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Fragrance Body Oil 8oz (1/2lb) - As Low As $12.60!

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"WHOLESALE BODY OILS is an excellent company. I was very happy with my oils, everything was packaged well and delivery service on time. My customers were very happy because they were looking for their oils and WHOLESALE BODY OILS delivers right on time"

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$16.25 each when you order 1 - 2 bottles

$14.90 each when you order 3 - 5 bottles

$12.60 each when you order 6 or more bottles

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    Awesome productsGreat products, love them!

    Posted by Reshawn Wynn on 29th Jul 2022

    Great products, love them!

  • 5
    Awesome products

    Posted by Reshawn Wynn on 29th Jul 2022

    Love their products, great quality!

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    Chanel Chance & Vince Camuto Bella Fragrance Body Oils

    Posted by Tonie Roberts on 8th Jul 2022

    I used to order your Body Oils and Body Oil Cologne Sprays in the past. I must admit they were a very good quality. (Long story as to why I stopped ordering) but recently I decided to order again. I have a Bath & Body Business and I used your fragrance Body oils to make my Body oils. That being said when I mix your fragrance body oil with other 100% pure oils (not blends) such as avocado oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil even fractionated coconut oil, your oils separate from these oils. I have purchase body oils from other companies (granted a bit pricier) and those oils blend in immediately and there is NO separation. I am told and even some research I did says that this can occur when an oil that you mix contains water. I know you advertise that your oils are not water down but there has to be a reason that your oils are separating. When I mix the above oils (with the exception of your oil) they blend perfectly. Also the Chanel Chance Body Oil smelled similar to Chanel Chance but it was definitely off. The Vince Camuto Bella smelled nice but it smelled more like a distant cousin. Not sure what has happened but the quality of your product seems very different from a few years ago. I must say I am a bit dissappointed.

    WBO Response: Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience. The oils are Body Oils so they already contain a cosmetic grade carrier oil to make them safe to wear on the skin. It is not necessary to add more carrier oil(s) to the fragrances but a cosmetic grade carrier oil like DPG would be a better option.

    The natural oils you mentioned are not the best to use in fragrances since most have their own odor which will alter the fragrance and they may not be cosmetic grade oils that are meant for use on the skin. Natural oils do not have the longest shelf life so the fragrance will go rancid faster. There can be compatibility issues blending any oil for many reasons and test batches should always be done to check for them. Water is not used in the process of making Body Oils. Oil and water does not mix without using binding chemicals and this is not something that any reputable fragrance oil manufacturer would do. Our manufacturers have been in the industry for over 35 years and are members of the International Fragrance Association (the formulas are tested for quality and ingredients regulated for safety).

    Upon speaking with our manufacturer, they suspect that the other body oils you have which blend with these natural oils are heavily cut with some other solvent that blends better with natural oils. They also mentioned that our fragrances can be hit or miss when it comes to blending in those oils as it depends on the fragrance composition and the solvents used to bring it all together.

    Looking over your order history, the last time you ordered Chanel Chance was May of 2020. Our manufacturer confirmed that the only change to the Chanel Chance formula was in 2019 with the removal of Benzophenone. Benzophenone is a preservative that is a California Prop 65 item. It adds no odor value so the scent would have remained the same with or without it. The last batch of this fragrance that you received in 2020 would be the same as the batch you received in 2022 as the formula has been the same since 2019.

    Our Body Oils are made to the highest concentration that is safe to wear on the skin. We do not use cheap fillers, water, alcohol or thickeners. Two fragrances that do not blend with natural oils does not indicate a problem with quality. It just indicates that these two fragrances do not blend well with natural oils. Apologies for any disappointment. I do see that you have ordered a few sprays after this order, and we hope these work out better for you. We are always available for further discussion if you would like. Please email

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    wholesale Body Oils is awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2022

    I’ve been ordering my body oils from this company for years and they are the best. The oils are not watered down and a little bit goes a long way. I’ve told a few friends about this company and they love it just as much as I done.

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    Superior Quality

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2022

    Great stuff. Grade A quality and timely delivery.

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    Wonderful Product

    Posted by Suzanne Tischler on 17th May 2022

    I have been purchasing fragrances from your company for years. Everywhere I go, I’m asked what perfume do I have on. It is a long lasting fragrance.

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    Posted by Dyshawn on 9th May 2022

    I’ve been ordering your fragrances for years and I love them but the last time I ordered they did not seem to have the same strength that they used to. My laundry used to smell so great when I took my clothes off and I could smell it on me all day. But now it’s not lasting as long and I would love to continue to ordering.

    WBO Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion and experience. Your recent order contained 16 fragrances but you have not tried most of them from us before. Out of the 16 fragrances on this order, you have had Vanilla Lace and Beyonce Pulse back in 2017 but the rest were all new. Most of the fragrances you ordered in 2017 and 2020 are stronger fragrances than the fragrances in your recent order. Fragrances naturally vary in strength and performance as it depends on what makes up the fragrance and how it reacts with your body chemistry. Some fragrances are going to work very well with your body chemistry and will last all day while other fragrances are just not going to perform as well. We always recommend trying a sample or a small size of a fragrance you have not tried before to make sure it performs how you want it to :)

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    Best company and shipping is FAST!!

    Posted by Ariana on 28th Feb 2022

    I have been using this company for almost a full year and it’s because they have my favorite scent and so many more that I enjoyed over the year!! I appreciate you guys keeping me smelling good and also the versatility you can have with mixing scents. But if you do let them sit for about 1-2 weeks and it will be all you expected

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    not the best quality but it fair

    Posted by O.F on 27th Feb 2022

    as far as my experience go majority of the oils dont have scents the ones that i have bought in the past to now that have smelled as expected are
    1million paco rabanne, spice bomb, jimmy choo, african gold...

    WBO Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to share your personal opinion and experience. We do not carry fragrances that do not have a scent at all so I am not sure why you are having trouble smelling some of them. It is best to apply them to skin and allow time to dry into the skin as it can be difficult to get the full essences from the bottle. It is also important to keep in mind that the way a fragrance smells and performs greatly depends on how the fragrance reacts with the skin and body chemistry of the person wearing it. Most of our business is repeat business and this would not be possible if the majority of our fragrances had no scent.

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